It is important for all businesses to stay current with leading technological advancements that deliver improvements in productivity and operational efficiencies. Tight gross margins, demand for food quality and traceability make this particularly important for companies in the food and beverage industry.  Here are seven reasons why Food & Beverage companies should consider SAP Business One to modernize their systems landscape. 

A robust and real-time accounting system

Having a robust accounting system like SAP Business One gives you the ability to manage more complex financial requirements and adheres to the legal regulations in over 44 localizations. SAP Business One helps manage multi-currency requirements, multiple company entities, and chart of accounts – that gives you the ability to slice and dice your accounts by cost centres/profit centres and dimensions. It also tracks projects in a way that simplifies your financial reporting needs. 

SAP Business One also provides strong internal controls. It provides complete traceability for all transactions and activities. This includes enabling different levels of user licenses and the ability to set authorizations and permissions down to the most granular level, as well as detailed change log reports. 

Improve inventory management

SAP Business One provides the ability to manage multiple warehouses, set up bin locations, track serialization, run virtual warehouses, track multiple unit of measures for both purchasing and selling activities, and automate the warehouse processes using bar code scanning for shipping and receiving – dramatically enhancing picking and packing your efficiencies in the warehouse. Benefits include lower costs, more accurate planning, increased inventory turnover, decreased stock-outs, shorter lead times, improved delivery performance, and increased sales.


A fully integrated ERP solution like SAP Business One offers better efficiency and capabilities for building better business processes and enabling visibility across the entire organization. It provides real time accessibility and 24/7 accessibility enabling you to run a perpetual inventory system and keeping inventory levels in check. It also provides a fully integrated CRM solution with a comprehensive view of customer service, and robust reporting capabilities that make it easier for end-users to execute.  Customers no longer need to put up with non-integrated, disparate systems that create isolated silos of information.    

Sales and customer service

With advanced tools like Enterprise Search in SAP Business One, your customer service teams can quickly canvas the entire database and filter the most relevant data to find answers quickly.

Mobility – access anywhere, anytime

SAP Business One enables your company to keep up with the mobile needs of your sales team. For those with a large team of salespeople or delivery staff on the road – its critically important to have the tools they need to provide customers with the support they need. Giving your salespeople insight into real-time inventory and the ability to open a mobile app to see what’s available, what’s currently in transit or on order, and even suggest alternative or related products can pay dividends in your overall sales results.

Dashboards, KPI’s and count widgets make it easy to keep a pulse on your business

With SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA setting up your user cockpit is extremely easy and user friendly. Your cockpits consist of dashboards, KPI’s, count widgets, process flow diagrams, alerts, and favourites which are configurable to each user or user group.  Take your pick from a long list of options found in SAP’s widget gallery that are constantly being updated with new options or create your own widgets with simple drag and drop capabilities.  Having your cockpit widgets updated in real-time gives you an instant pulse on what’s most important to your daily responsibilities.

Routing, deliveries, and services

With the flexibility of SAP Business One’s capabilities such as user-defined tables, user-defined fields, calculation views, and stored procedures complex delivery schedules and service related appointments can be automatically generated based on a pre-defined set of rules that govern a specific action.

Additionally, SAP Business One’s mobile apps for sales and service can be utilized for outside sales reps or delivery drivers etc.

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