Flowstar Industrial, a Canadian supplier of industrial and chemical manufacturing products and services, recently underwent a significant business transformation by deploying SAP Business One in collaboration with Aclaros. The implementation aimed to address challenges faced by Flowstar, such as inefficiencies, poor reporting functionality, and forecasting issues resulting from the limitations of their previous system.

Before the transformation, Flowstar struggled with a lack of real-time business data visibility, leading to the creation of external workarounds and operational inefficiencies. The inadequate CRM capability and slow response rate further compounded the challenges. Recognizing the need for an integrated platform to eliminate errors and workarounds, Flowstar chose SAP Business One due to its proven track record in integrating various business modules, including finance, purchasing, sales, production, inventory, project, and service management.

Aclaros, the chosen implementation partner, had successfully rolled out SAP Business One in other Group companies, making them the ideal choice for Flowstar. The partnership provided expertise, training, user acceptance testing, and go-live support, ensuring a seamless transition.

Following the implementation, Flowstar experienced significant value-driven results. The company now enjoys an improved overview of real-time and accurate business data, empowering informed decision-making. Operational reporting functions have been enhanced, providing better visibility into customer activities and purchasing habits. This enables Flowstar to identify profitable sales opportunities quickly and easily.

One of the key advantages of the transformation is the adoption of a single system running reliable, standardized business processes based on best practices. This not only eliminates errors but also streamlines operations, contributing to increased efficiency.

Kenneth Naef, VP Finance Canada at Flowstar Industrial, expressed excitement about the future possibilities with SAP Business One. Leveraging their existing experience with the solution across various brands within the Group, Flowstar aims to deliver optimizations and efficiencies at multiple levels.

In conclusion, Flowstar’s successful implementation of SAP Business One, in collaboration with Aclaros, has positioned the company for a promising future. The integration has addressed previous challenges, providing a solid foundation for improved operations, informed decision-making, and sustained growth.