Since 1985, Gemsen began as a consumer electronics distributor focused on car stereos. Today, Gemsen is a leading consumer electronics and home audio electronics distributor with businesses in home automation, merchandise and apparel.

Gemsen, a consumer electronics distributor founded in 1985 with a focus on car stereos, has evolved into a leading distributor of consumer electronics and home audio products, branching into home automation, merchandise, and apparel. Facing challenges with their outdated system, Sage Business Vision, Gemsen sought a solution that could accommodate their growth and regulatory requirements while providing real-time data access and integration capabilities.

After evaluating various options, Gemsen chose SAP Business One and partnered with aclaros for implementation. The decision was solidified by aclaros’s industry expertise, track record, and commitment to meeting their expectations. With SAP Business One, Gemsen embarked on a company-wide integrated business transformation, aiming for reliable processes and better decision-making through SKU performance analysis.

Post-implementation, the team experienced significant improvements across various fronts. SAP Business One provided data transparency and real-time access, enabling detailed reporting at the SKU level by properties. Integration with e-commerce solutions streamlined operations, while the system’s flexibility allowed for backdating and changes at the SKU level.

Utilizing barcode scanning devices reduced warehouse errors and enhanced efficiency, while the ability to add new properties to SKUs facilitated targeted performance analysis. Overall, SAP Business One empowered Gemsen with comprehensive insights and streamlined operations, facilitating informed decision-making and driving efficiencies across their distribution network.

Gemsen’s journey with SAP Business One exemplifies how a strategic partnership coupled with the right technology can propel a business forward, enabling growth, compliance, and operational excellence. By embracing SAP Business One, Gemsen not only addressed their immediate challenges but also positioned themselves for sustainable success in the dynamic consumer electronics market.