In an increasingly interconnected business world, small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are not just competing locally, they’re playing on a global field. The expansion across borders, while brimming with opportunities, can be fraught with complexities, particularly in managing multiple currencies and languages. SAP Business One, the leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for SMEs, is expertly designed to address these challenges.

Aclaros: Your United VARs Partner

As an SME considering expansion into global markets, the benefits of partnering with Aclaros, a member of United VARs, are significant. United VARs is an alliance of top SAP solution providers worldwide, offering localized support in over 90 countries. As a United VARs partner, Aclaros delivers unparalleled local knowledge and international SAP expertise.

With the United VARs partnership, we provide first-class, hands-on support in your local and target markets, ensuring regulatory compliance and smooth implementation of SAP Business One. We understand the nuances of regional market trends, legalities, languages, and currencies. Our international reach translates into your global success.

**SAP Business One: A Global ERP Solution

SAP Business One supports 28 languages and 45 localized versions, accommodating best practices across different countries. With this global ERP, your teams worldwide can work efficiently in their preferred language, aligning your business operations across borders.

**Currency Management Made Simple

When transacting across borders, currency management is key. SAP Business One’s multi-currency feature supports transactions in any currency, with real-time exchange rate updates. Whether managing accounts payable and receivable, calculating profits, or generating financial reports, you can trust SAP Business One to simplify your global financial operations.

**Meeting International Tax Regulations

Tax regulations differ from one country to another, and SAP Business One ensures your business remains compliant, no matter where it operates. The system allows for setting up and managing tax codes as per local regulations, automatic tax calculations on transactions, and tax report preparation in local formats.

**A Platform for Global Expansion

As your business grows internationally, SAP Business One expands with you. Its flexible architecture integrates seamlessly with other SAP systems or third-party solutions through the SAP Business One Integration Framework (B1iF), and can easily accommodate new subsidiaries, departments, or business units. SAP Business One not only simplifies global business management but, in collaboration with Aclaros, your trusted United VARs partner, ensures your global operations are efficient, compliant, and effective. Whether you’re planning international expansion or already operating in multiple countries, Aclaros and SAP Business One are your partners in global success. Contact us today to discover more about how SAP Business One can support your global ambitions.