Efficient inventory management remains a cornerstone of any successful business operation, more so when it concerns shipping, warehouse transfers, or production order issuance. SAP Business One’s Pick and Pack Manager provides an integrated solution that addresses these needs head-on. Let’s dive deep into this tool and explore its various functionalities.

What is the Pick and Pack Manager?

The Pick and Pack Manager in SAP Business One is a comprehensive tool designed to automate and streamline the processing of sales orders, A/R reserve invoices, production orders, and inventory transfer requests. It aids businesses in methodically moving from creating pick lists to packing items for shipment, culminating in delivery documentation.

The Typical Pick and Pack Flow:

Imagine a company with at least one warehouse. Here’s how the process unfolds:

1. Order Creation: Clerks in the company’s offices handle incoming orders and establish corresponding sales documents.

2. Initiating Pick Lists: In the warehouse, a designated pick dispatcher accesses the Pick and Pack Manager window. They view open sales orders, A/R reserve invoices, production orders, and inventory transfer requests, and from these, create pick lists. Prioritization can be based on required dates, customers, and other criteria. The dispatcher can opt for partial shipments if the available quantities differ from the released items.

3. Allocation to Pickers: Once pick lists are crafted, the dispatcher assigns them to specific employees tagged as ‘pickers’. Their progress can be tracked via the Pick and Pack Manager window.

4. Item Picking: The pickers then source the items from the warehouse, indicating picked quantities on either printed or online pick lists.

5. Packaging: After picking, either pickers or other designated employees package the items for shipping. Each shipment typically has an accompanying delivery document and a packing slip, which can be generated and printed through SAP Business One.

Key Procedures in the Pick and Pack Process:

1. Creating a Pick List: Initiate the process by entering filter criteria and selecting which documents to include in the pick list.

2. Viewing a Pick List: There are multiple avenues for viewing pick lists to suit various workflows.

3. Picking Items for Shipment: This involves actively working with the pick lists to select items destined for shipments.

4. Document Creation: The next step involves creating delivery, A/R invoice, inventory transfer, and Issue for Production Documents, all streamlined within the Pick and Pack system.

5. Defining & Printing Packing Slips: SAP Business One offers functionalities to define, create, and print packing slips for delivery documents, A/R invoices, and even A/R invoices with payments.

Why Adopt the Pick and Pack Manager?

The primary benefit lies in its systematic approach to inventory management. By consolidating multiple functionalities into a single tool, SAP Business One ensures fewer errors, increased speed, and an overall boost in operational efficiency, which is especially crucial for businesses that deal with significant shipping, warehouse transfers, or production-related inventory needs.


SAP Business One’s Pick and Pack Manager is a game-changer for businesses aiming for optimal inventory management. Its holistic approach, from order creation to shipment, offers unparalleled efficiency, making it an invaluable tool in today’s fast-paced business environment.