Mul-T-Lock, a global leader in high-security product development, faced challenges in consolidating data from various databases and application servers, resulting in outdated information and inefficient decision-making processes. Seeking real-time transactional information and improved reporting capabilities, they turned to aclaros for an SAP® Business One solution.

aclaros successfully implemented SAP® Business One for Mul-T-Lock within a 3.5-month timeframe, providing modules for Financials, Inventory, and Material Requirements Planning (MRP). The implementation streamlined processes, resulting in significant benefits for Mul-T-Lock.

Key elements of the solution included the implementation of best practice processes, change management activities, and data migration from legacy systems. Real-time queries and management reports were developed, enabling them to gain insights into sales, margins, customer profiling, and inventory visibility.

The benefits of implementing SAP® Business One were substantial for Mul-T-Lock. Price adjustment and gross margin assessment outcomes improved to 99.9% accuracy levels, while operational report generation time decreased by 85%. Month-end financial closings became 66% faster, allowing for quicker decision-making processes.

Furthermore, they gained enhanced customer insight, enabling them to focus on the best sales opportunities and understand customer purchasing habits better. The integration with the head office’s SAP® R3 implementation provided additional value, facilitating seamless communication and data exchange between locations.

Overall, the successful implementation of SAP® Business One empowered Mul-T-Lock to make informed decisions based on accurate and up-to-date business information. By eliminating manual consolidation efforts and improving reporting capabilities, Mul-T-Lock enhanced operational efficiency and positioned itself for continued growth and success in the high-security product market.

Mul-T-Lock is a worldwide leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing High Security products.