NaceCare is a leading provider of commercial cleaning powered by SAP Business One on HANA. NaceCare’s cutting-edge innovations in vacuum cleaners, floor maintenance, and carpet care machinery produce best-in-class outcomes across various environments. Their equipment prioritizes the best cleaning outcome, operator convenience and ergonomic well-being, while also significantly reducing cleaning times and labor expenses. Today, NaceCare’s equipment remains a trusted tool in maintaining cleaner and healthier buildings.

NaceCare had recently experienced significant growth and was looking for a new EPR platform that would provide greater visibility into the day-to-day operations of the business, reduce paper processes, and provide a platform for future growth. They chose SAP Business One to power their Commercial Cleaning Business to achieve these goals and support the Company’s growth going forward.

For a comprehensive overview of how NaceCare transformed its Commercial Cleaning Business with SAP Business One, we invite you to explore the detailed summary document. Gain insights into the strategic decisions, enhanced operational visibility, and the future growth trajectory. Download the PDF for an in-depth analysis or conveniently read through the embedded document below. Dive into the story of innovation, efficiency, and success as NaceCare continues to redefine excellence in the Commercial Cleaning industry. Your journey to a cleaner, healthier business environment starts here.

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