Inventory tracking is an essential part of any manufacturing or distribution business. But without an effective ERP system, it can be challenging to track products from creation to final destination. SAP Business One can help companies improve their inventory management processes, by providing instant, real-tie access to product data.

SAP Business One and inventory tracking

An effective inventory tracking process enables companies to monitor products’ location and status from point of origin to warehouse to ultimate destination. There are two main ways that companies use to track their inventory: serial numbers and batch and lot numbers.

  • Serial numbers provide each distinct unit with a unique number, either printed directly onto the product or on an attached label. Serial numbers can also be used together with barcodes and RFID tags to enhance companies’ ability to track each individual unit across its entire lifecycle. Serial numbers are often used on high-value products such as smartphones and cars—where they serve as the vehicle identification number, or VIN. Product warranties and service contracts are also often associated with individual serial numbers.
  • Batch and lot numbers are unique identifiers assigned products that are manufactured at the same time. Whereas serial numbers are unique to each discrete unit, batch and lot numbers are used for a group of products manufactured at the same time, from cookies to steel rods to pharmaceuticals. Batch and lot numbers are helpful for quality control, inventory tracking, and facilitating product recalls if required.

Whether your products use serial or batch and lot numbers or both, SAP BusinessOne enables your company to track and trace your inventory using real-time product information—reducing costs, increasing productivity, and improving customer service. If quality control issues arise, SAP BusinessOne’s automated processes rapidly identify which products are affected and their location, so the products can be repaired, replaced, or pulled from sale or use.

Benefits of using SAP Business One to track your company’s inventory

SAP make it easier to track inventory and serial numbers and batches by tracking the information in a central location from the very start. Having this information as part of the core SAP Business One data means there’s no need for manual paperwork anymore, saving time and reducing errors. Other benefits of using SAP BusinessOne for inventory tracking include:

  • Improved traceability: SAP allows companies to easily track products across the entire supply chain. Defects and potential issues can be detected and isolated more quickly than if using a manual process, helping companies ensure product quality and safety.
  • Enhanced customer service: By tracking individual items in SAP, companies can more quickly and accurately identify, respond to, and resolve customer complaints or issues about a specific product. This helps increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Better inventory control: By enabling companies to more accurately track inventory levels, SAP helps them mitigate the risk of overstocking or stock shortages, reducing inventory holding costs and improving cash flow.
  • Effective warranty management: With serial number tracking, SAP helps companies track a specific product’s service and repair history and warranty information. This enables to effectively manage warranty claims, reduce fraud and abuse, and minimize costs associated with warranty servicing.
  • Improved regulatory compliance: In many industries, companies are required to track their products from production to disposal. SAP’s serial and batch tracking helps companies ensure their compliance with these regulations, minimizing the legal and financial risks of non-compliance.


SAP Business One is a great tool for helping your company track its inventory more effectively and efficiently than ever—reducing risk, enhancing product quality, and improving customer satisfaction. To learn more about how SAP Business One can help your business improve its inventory tracking process, contact us today.