Many companies rely on the skills and insights provided by Professional Services’ to overcome challenges in their business models, seize opportunities, and continue to grow and thrive – fairly so, as the industry encompasses a wide range of sectors, from accounting and law to architecture, engineering services, and management consulting.

While firms have long relied on a highly skilled, highly mobile workforce operating across multiple borders and time zones, today many are embracing a 24/7 office model—leveraging technology to connect teams and clients to keep projects moving forward around the clock and around the globe. The professional services workforce is changing in other ways, too. Firms are recruiting fewer full-time staff in favour of a model where freelancers and independent contractors are hired to provide their skills and expertise for the duration of a specific project. To control costs and improve productivity, many professional services organizations are using AI, automation, chatbots, virtual assistants, and other digital technologies to handle many of their clients’ needs.

However, with the Covid-19 pandemic driving a huge rise in the number of remote workers, managing such cross-border teams and projects has grown more complex. The professional services sector faces its own challenges as it responds and adapts to a changing world.

The traditional time and materials-based approach is steadily giving way to fixed-cost or outcome-based approaches, which reflect the growing use of ‘template’ solution suites and the complexities of business transformations, corporate realignments, and other major, multidisciplinary engagements. Navigating these and other challenges requires professional services firms to be flexible, agile, and decisive. And they need to have the right technology to support the business as they position themselves for ongoing success.

Such firms must stay ahead of the curve in a world of accelerating change and complex challenges – they need to be more adaptable, agile, and innovative than ever — and SAP Business One is the platform to help you stay on target. It offers expansive functionality designed to meet the needs of today’s professional services firms, including multi-language support, enterprise-wide visibility, support for multiple legal entities and currencies and much more.

Harness the power of the SAP Business One platform to gain better visibility into your operations, collaborate seamlessly with clients, and uncover new ways to deliver value.

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