Our in-depth webinar is focused on enhancing your knowledge and skills in managing the SAP Business One HANA environment. This webinar session aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the various components and processes involved in effectively administering your HANA systems.

We cover the basics and dive into some specifics of the SUSE Linux operating system, SAP HANA Studio, and SAP Remote Support Platform (RSP) Studio, covering critical tasks such as database server management, backup configurations, and monitoring procedures. Our expert speaker, Curtis Boudreau, guides you through practical demonstrations and best practices, ensuring you leave with actionable insights that can be immediately applied to your daily operations.

Target Audience

This webinar is designed for IT professionals who are responsible for managing SAP environments, including:

  • IT Managers: Those overseeing the IT infrastructure and ensuring the smooth operation of SAP Business One HANA systems.
  • Third-Party IT Management Companies: Service providers responsible for maintaining their clients’ SAP environments, offering outsourced IT support, and ensuring optimal system performance.
  • System Administrators: Individuals tasked with the daily administration, monitoring, and maintenance of SAP HANA databases and associated software.
  • Database Administrators: Professionals managing database configurations, backups, and restorations to ensure data integrity and availability.
  • Technical Consultants: Experts providing specialized technical support and consulting services for SAP Business One implementations.

This webinar will help you gain a deeper understanding of SAP Business One HANA administration, enabling you to manage and monitor your HANA environment more effectively, reduce downtime, and improve overall system performance.


  • Basic Overview of HANA System Architecture
  • Navigating B1 SLD
    • Export Schemas
    • Creating a Sandbox
    • Restarting Services
  • Navigating Remote Support Platform
    • Configuring Scheduled Backups
    • System Status Report
  • Navigating in HANA Studio
    • System Status
    • Backup Console
  • Navigating SUSE
    • View Logs
    • Start/Stop Server Tools

Key Benefits

Gain valuable insights into managing and monitoring HANA environments, and handle routine tasks with greater efficiency and confidence.