SAP Business One Version 10 Web Client is a new, highly anticipated feature of the popular, industry-leading business management software. Here are a few of the new features and details we believe will be beneficial to your organization.

A New Look

SAP continually delivers state-of-the-art user experiences, and this continues to be true with its Web Client which is now focused more on simplifying the user interface similar to that used in SAP Fiori and SAP UI5 design principles. Users can now customize the interface, without too much training, and access it from multiple types of devices.

And to continue with providing a more optimized user experience, access SAP Business One’s Web Client is now provided through web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari (Mac and iPad).

What’s Included?

The Web Client covers several different features within SAP Business One:

  • A user-specific login page and homepage screen.
  • For sales-specific actions, users now have the ability to create quotations and orders, and access analytics and key reports.

Business partner records are also included, complementing items and the item catalogue. Users are now able to access calendars and schedule activities directly from the Web Client. Additional tools to help manage deliveries and returns from within the browser have also been added.

User Activities

Web Client maintains a dynamic list of the 30 recent functions a user has used, and the 30 functions they use more frequently. The two lists are available in the “Me Area,” and the setting in this section allows users to deactivate this function. In addition, users can clear their usage history in Web Client by choosing the “Clear” button.

What’s the Future Hold?

There are a host of planned innovations for Web Client, and these include the following features:

  • Extend business logic coverage
    • Extended sales and purchasing coverage
    • Sales opportunity
    • Service call
    • Payments support
  • Analytics, reporting, and printing
    • Extended analytics
    • Additional reporting content
    • Design capabilities
    • Support printing
  • Integration and extensibility
    • Providing extensibility capabilities

The feature values include:

  • Extended target audience by supporting Microsoft SQL customers and providing increased functional coverage
  • Extending market coverage
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Reduction of TCO

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Irenae Jacobs, Team Lead, SAP Business One

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