Material Requirements Planning

Get one consolidated view of current inventory data, supply input from scheduled purchases or production as well as demand input from actual orders and intelligently forecasted sales to plan what still needs to be procured.

Recommendations from MRP take into consideration lead times, preferred vendors, order multiples, minimum order quantities, and inventory levels to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered.

Create purchase documents or production orders from recommendations based on how an item is procured.

Procure to Order

Create procurement documents directly from sales or production orders when a required item is custom or specific for a unique case and needs to be tracked directly to the process.

Automatically notify a person responsible for the order once the item has been ordered and again once it has been received via email and internal notification.

Landed Cost

Reflect your inventory costs and margins more accurately by tracking additional expenses like insurance, freight, and customs that are an addition to the material costs with the landed cost functionality.

Vendor Returns

Track products that need to be returned to vendors and the reason whether by customer dissatisfaction, defective product, or a vendor recall through the purchase return request process to provide insight for the purchasing department about potentially troubling products or vendors.


SAP Business One automatically captures information at each step, so you always know what’s on hand in your inventory as well as the up-to-the-minute financial state of the business. The real-time view helps you identify potential shortages before they happen and precise historical information keeps track of which vendors come through for you consistently.

Use intelligent forecasts to help predict future demand and KPIs, dashboards, and count widgets to give you visual indication.


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