Bill of Materials

Making a finished product, whether a kit, assembly or a completed product, it’s imperative to track the components and their relevant inventory levels to always ensure you are able to produce a
finished product.

Routes and Resources

Track your organization’s resources, like labour hours, machinery, or tools and the capacity available for each resource to properly plan required production, capture overhead costs, and embed costs into the finished product.


Track the progress of your production by analyzing the work-in-progress costs of raw materials, sub-assemblies, and resource costs that have been consumed but have not yet resulted in a finished product per production order or receive a collective financial view on your balance sheet.


The cost of finished goods can be defined by a standard cost or the costs of the components (standard, moving average, FIFO or serial/batch costing); it can be rolled-up to the finished product and impact the moving average or set a specific cost, if the item is tracked by serial or batch for individual items.


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