There is no doubt that the adoption of an online presence for small and medium-sized businesses is dramatically growing. Expedited by new, unforeseen disruptions to the economy and how consumers shopping behaviours are evolving, retailers are upping their game and stepping up by improving on their preexisting online storefronts or taking the plunge for the first time if they’ve lagged behind.

Closing the gap quickly and providing offerings that meet and exceed consumer expectations it taking center stage, so your organization needs to be prepared to open new digital doors, deliver items directly to a customer’s door, and prepare for a brighter future online.

Standard Integration Scenarios

Custom Integration Scenarios also available – Please give us a call.

Advanced B2B Integration Scenarios:

Custom Integration Scenarios also available – Please give us a call.


Eliminate manual duplication of work.
Streamline campaign execution.
Feature-rich catalogue capabilities.
Easy-to-use drag-and-drop mapping interface.
Order and payment processing.
Real-time shipping and inventory.
customer data group
Customer data management in one place.
B2B and employee portal capabilities.

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