SAP Customer Checkout (SAP CCO) is SAP’s proprietary point-of-sale (POS) solution that can run stand-alone. The true value and benefits of SAP CCO, however, are realized when it is combined with one of SAP’s ERP solutions such as SAP Business One. SAP CCO is designed for businesses in retail, merchandise, kiosk, and distribution with retail storefronts. It supports all common POS requirements including payments, loyalty management, sales analytics, and more.

SAP has over 3,000 installations globally in more than 25 countries. Aclaros is the premier SAP Partner in Canada selling and supporting SAP Customer Checkout as the retail extension to SAP Business One.

Standard Integration Scenarios

Master Data synchronization including:

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A simple, user-friendly user interface designed to streamline your customer checkout process.
Web-based user interface with off-line capability allows you to continue using the system even when internet connectivity is lost.
Seamless integration to SAP Business One gives your retail staff full visibility into inventory levels, pricing strategies, sales analytics and so much more.
Offers different interface modes to best suit your retail needs including Retail, Kiosk, and Hospitality modes.
The SAP Customer Checkout manager provides you with the central management of users, organization units, roles, time recording, monitoring, vouchers, receipts, software versions, sales reports, articles, price lists, POS configurations, app users, and coupons.


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