There are predominantly two aspects to consider when it comes to integrating SAP Business One and Solidworks:

Importing data from SAP Business One to Solidworks and Exporting data from Solidworks to SAP Business One. The former is typically used to run a live search from Solidworks against your data in SAP Business One, to search for items that already exist in your SAP database such as spare parts or manufactured parts. This is accomplished by creating a link between these systems and defining some property mappings between attributes within SAP Business One. The latter is typically used to automate the creation of new items and BOMs in SAP Business One from Solidworks. If the items or BOMs already exist, then they can also be updated. The logic and validations for this data export tend to be different for each company and therefore, generally requires a level of customization


Item master related to:

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Custom Integration Scenarios also available – Please give us a call.


Unify your CAD and ERP data; remove manual data entry and eliminate potential for human errors.
Increase BOM accuracy which in turn increases product quality.
Streamline the process of creating BOM and items within SAP Business One.
Flexible configuration of data mapping and process parameters.
Accelerate your design process; in ETO intensive companies, anywhere from 5% to 25% of the total engineering process is devoted to the transfer of BOM’s from engineering to manufacturing.

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