Tin Shack

After experiencing exponential growth, Tin Shack and Australian Boot Company, a leading Canadian distributor of footwear brands such as Blundstone and Glerups, recognized the necessity to upgrade their legacy systems. Tin Shack is the exclusive distributor of Blundstone boots for Canada, often shipping thousands of pairs a day. The company sought a modern ERP solution and warehouse management system (WMS) to enhance flexibility and scalability. With the assistance of the aclaros implementation team, they implemented SAP Business One to achieve greater operational visibility. To address their warehouse challenges, they selected Logiks WMS for SAP Business One as the optimal solution.

With the successful implementation of SAP Business One, Tin Shack turned to face inefficiencies in warehouse operations. With a high volume of orders, their existing warehouse picking solution
lacked speed and flexibility. They sought a new warehouse solution that would fully integrate with their new SAP Business One ERP, was capable of reducing worker downtime and increasing the speed of warehouse operations.

“Working with Logiks Solutions has been a game-changer for Tin Shack. Their Warehouse Management Picking Solution has revolutionized our operations, allowing us to pick orders faster, more accurately, and with fewer resources. The seamless integration with SAP Business One ensures that our entire supply chain runs smoothly. Logiks truly understands our business needs and has become a valuable partner in our journey towards greater efficiency and success.”

– Shelly Tripp, Growth Projects and Resource Planning, Tin Shack

Welcome to Logiks WMS for SAP Business One!

Tin Shack and aclaros worked with Logiks to deploy their Warehouse Management Suite. The cloud-managed solution offered versatile scanning capabilities, including support for barcodes, QR codes, and RFID codes. With mobile flexibility across iOS and Android devices, Logiks aimed to streamline warehouse processes and enhance efficiency.

Smooth Implementation

The implementation of Logiks WMS for SAP Business One took only 10 weeks, ensuring a rapid transition before Tin Shack’s busy season. Leveraging their existing SAP Business One infrastructure, the integration was seamless. Logiks provided comprehensive support throughout the process, including go-live assistance to ensure a smooth transition.

Speedy Results

The results of implementing Logiks’ Warehouse Management Suite were transformative for Tin Shack:

  • Improved Efficiency: Average pick time per unit reduced from 8 seconds to milliseconds, resulting in significant time savings.
  • Labor Cost Reduction: By optimizing picking processes, Tin Shack achieved substantial labor cost savings, allowing for a 20% reduction in warehouse workforce.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: The new solution increased overall accuracy in picking, leading to higher customer satisfaction and improved relationships with retail suppliers.
  • Engaged Teams: Providing efficient tools empowered warehouse teams and increased engagement, contributing to a more productive work environment.

Partnering Approach – Logiks WMS for SAP Business One

Tin Shack praised Logiks for their collaborative approach and commitment to understanding their business needs. As a true partner, Logiks demonstrated flexibility, accessibility, and effective communication throughout the project. They prioritized Tin Shack’s success and provided ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition and continued operational efficiency.

A Bright Future

By implementing Logiks WMS for SAP Business One, Tin Shack successfully optimized their warehouse operations, achieving significant improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings. The partnership with Logiks not only addressed immediate challenges but also provided a foundation for future growth and success.