After several years of exponential growth, Tin Shack and Australian Boot Company knew it was time to replace its aging legacy systems with a modern, robust ERP solution.

Tin Shack selected SAP Business One because it was ideally suited to the needs and realities of mid-sized businesses like theirs. SAP delivered:

  • Core functionality – all the financial, inventory management, and sales functionality Tin Shack needed at a reasonable price.
  • eCommerce Integration – SAP’s integration with applications would enable new efficiencies at the company and across its supply chain, while SAP’s Shopify integration meant Tin Shack would be able to support its growing online sales more effectively.
  • Inventory Control – SAP’s robust inventory management applications would significantly improve the accuracy and reliability of the company’s inventory tracking and reporting.
  • Point of Sale – With SAP’s Customer Checkout solution, all retail locations can perform key points of sales transactions with direct integration into SAP Business One.

    In choosing Aclaros, Tin Shack knew they’d be working with an implementation partner who combined a deep technical understanding of SAP with the ability to fine-tune the solution
    to meet their needs.