Year in Review – 2022

As 2022 comes to end, this is a great time to think back about the year as a whole, revisit how far we have come, the decisions we’ve made, our successes and opportunities to improve in the year ahead.

2022 was a challenging year for many businesses – from ongoing supply chain issues, rising inflation, increases to interest rates and borrowing costs, and fears of an upcoming recession. In spite of these challenges, we are happy to say that aclaros has never been stronger.

This year marked a new beginning for our team as we launched our new brand! Since then, our firm has seen double digit growth; we’ve renewed our commitment to deliver best in class support to our customers, and we’ve continued to find ways to improve our internal processes – most recently through the introduction of the Support platform.

With the major shift to a work from home environment, we established monthly management touchpoints and all-hands meetings to get together for some fun, collaboration and new skills training. We also participated in some great face-to-face meetings and conferences including: the SAP Innovation Summit in Orlando in May, and the United VARs annual conference in Germany where we were pleased to learn more about SAP’s renewed dedication to the SAP Business One platform including the reallocation of many internal resources to the Business One team. This year, aclaros also participated as a member of the Partner Advisory Council (PAC) for SAP Business One in North America, meeting with other top partners and SAP to discuss opportunities for innovation and further enhancements to SAP Business One. Irenae Jacobs recently became the Chair in the PAC, further strengthening our position in the SAP Business One channel and our partnership with SAP.

Through it all, our customer base has grown the the addition of over a dozen net new customers and the onboarding and optimization of 15 existing SAP Business One customers from our acquisition of I-Business Network clients. We also worked with many of our long term customers this year to help them get the most out of their SAP software, performing countless system upgrades, integrations of various ecommerce and CRM solutions and working hand-in-hand with customers to customize their SAP instance to better serve evolving needs.
Through it all, we were recently recognized for our growth – most recently being named the SAP Partner with the top net new name growth in Q3 2022 for Canada.

While we are extremely proud of all we have achieved this year, it has not come without some challenges. At various points throughout the year, our resource capacity was tested. We are committed to continuously improving our services – as reflected in the core tenets of our firm – trust, communication, integrity, expertise, and collaboration. With this in mind, we will be adding capacity in 2023 to raise the bar on our customer service and ensure each customer receives the service and attention they deserve.

Overall, we could not have envisioned a better start to the inaugural year under our new brand. We are extremely proud of the effort put forth by each of our employees, who stepped up each day and maintained the upmost integrity in the work that they delivered. We are also very thankful to our Sales and Pre-Sales teams and our Consultants – who worked tirelessly and took on more projects than ever before. We would also like to thank our strategic partners who helped us serve our customers in a manner that enables them to realize their potential. Last but not least, we would not be here today without the customers that we serve. We thank you for your loyalty and for challenging us to continuously find ways to do better. Thank you for putting your trust in aclaros.

We do not take this trust lightly; it is the fuel that ignites our passion to serve you better. We promise that we will build upon this momentum and make 2023 the most impactful one yet!